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Free your mind Grounding & gaining Clarity. M3-Charg3d is PERFECT for a charge of your Energy, with a dreamy MASSAGE. The Frankincense and Lavender will relax your body and Charge you up for the next evening. *** Comes with hand towel*** Contains Soy, Cocoa & Shea Butters and Essential oils (Shout-out M3-Charg3d I love you Mu)****M3CC AVAILABLE FOR SALE 11/24/21 PRE-ORDERS WILL GO OUT AFTER 11/24/21****

M3-Charg3d Massage Candle

PriceFrom $20.00
  • Light your M3-Charg3d Massage Candle, Allow 2-3 minutes for warm wax build up. Blow your candle out... Proceed to using your wax for a massage or oil to hands and feet. ( For external use only)

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