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Cleanse your space with sage, Grab your journal and crystals if you have them, Relax your mind and heart. LIGHT YOUR ABUNDANCE MONEY CANDLE. Allow yourself to feel wealthy in your heart, soul, and body. Recite the following prayer as many times as you feel. 


"My life is full of abundance. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

I am increasingly magnetic to health, wealth, abundance, prosperity, and money.

Every day I am attracting more and more abundance into my life. I am a success magnet."


Write your intentions for your future down and speak your affirmations into existence...


When you are done briefly open a window to allow your prayer to make it to the sky.


This money candle contains herbs that attract money as well as,

The Green Aventurine Stone is used to attract luck, abundance and success. Its also used to protect the heart. This candle is great for new businesses and ones who want to continue to prosper with success. 




Abundance Money Candle

  • Keep away from things that may catch fire. Keep out of reach of children.

    Keep Wick trimmed, never keep burning more than 4 hours

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